Language Goals

Currently I am focusing my language-learning pursuits to the following:


This language seems to be the ‘go-to’ language for people who think, “this language looks so difficult – I’ll give it a crack!” (that’s Australian for ‘lets give that a go!). It also is a language that is so vastly different from our own, combined with a culture and people that just invite you in with their weirdness, cuteness and history. Over the years I have watch Japanese language learning explode in Australia thanks to the likes of anime and Japanese Game shows creeping into our television programming here. However, my love of Japanese started in primary school as a friend of mine went to live there. I became fascinated by the photos she would send back, clean & cute stationary and gell pens (be aware, these were very new back in the 90’s!).

Now almost 10 years on, I am still in awe of this language and culture, so much so, that for my degree, I am considering majoring in it.

In my childhood, I had a relative who met a Swiss-born, Australian-made man and married him. This meant that in a little under a year, I had inherited a family that spoke this bizarre language that seemed oddly familiar to my English-ears.

In grade 7 I had the *best* German teacher. He was an absolute genius and blew me away at the fact that he had never been to Germany and yet spoke like one! As I dipped my toe into discovering this language’s structure, eventually, this language became something I put on radar to someday learn.


2 thoughts on “Language Goals

  1. My love of Japan started when one of my friends in high school started telling me about the culture. After that I watched a few Anime movies (Akira, etc.) and I was hooked, and over ~15 years later I’m still learning the language and culture.

    Go ahead and make Japanese your major, you won’t be sorry!

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