Communicating: Utilising apps for language learning

As I mentioned in a previous post, studying a language through a institution such as a university (like I am), can be a great enthusiasm killer for you.

But fear not! Welcome to the world where apps and social media, help connect you with people who a) want to speak your language and b) you connect with them to learn their language.



Languages: Mandarin & Cantonese.
Why its good?: Not great at speaking in your foreign language? Get this app. For some reason, the when visting China last year, this app was the shizz and doing quick audio messages was preferred over writing. A friend who is there at the moment has also said, at times, people would generally get flustered and take forever trying to message her vs talking. So the verdict for me? Get this and start speaking your splattering of Chinese/Cantonese, bad tones and all!


Languages: Japanese
Why is it good?: Video, audio and messaging – this little app packs a punch and keeps things interesting. As I am a predominatly visual learner, I love escaping into this little world of Japanese and watching videos of singers and random people and pictures of girls in all their cute fashion that I would never dare wear myself in real life (I’m too Aussie!). For guys, there are some great comedians, DJ’s and older folk on there too. If you know no-one, its fine. Start adding the suggested accounts it gives you and go from there. Something like 100million people have downloaded this app. Pretty big deal!


Twitter Pic
: Just about anything
Why is it good?: 140 characters can give you a lot to work out as a beginner language learner. For me, its just small enough to get the hang of the grammar of the language I’m using and also good at seeing slang and everyday ‘speech’ (how a native would word their sentences is what I mean by this, not audio). Like LINE, there’s always a plethora of video and audio and links to sites that you might find interesting too. For me, I don’t have such a great time with it trying to connect and make friends, but immersion is great on this.




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