About Me


Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m Sheree, I live near Sydney in Australia with my husband Chris. I’m 27 years old.

How long have you been studying languages?
I have a combined classroom exprience of about 3 years in Japanese, German and Mandarin. However, actually learning languages for myself, about 18 months.

What languages do you speak?
I’m fluent in English, beginner-intermediate level in Japanese and beginner in German. I speak fluent Alabi which ANYONE can learn to speak, right now between15 minutes to half an hour with practice.

Why should I read what you say if you can’t speak fluent <insert language here>?
Because I have taken the language learning path which is by far more effective than any class-room setting. I also am proving that to learn a language, you do not have to live in the country in order to do so.

Also, language learning does not need to be expensive! If you’re cash-strapped and broke, this site can definitely help you.

What languages are you currently learning?
Japanese & German (as of 2013/2014). I hope to eventually take on Mandarin as well.

Why those languages?
I answer these in more detail here but I was first exposed to Japanese culture and language in primary school while German came about thanks to inheriting Swiss-German relatives years ago. Exposure to these languages eventually spawned a curiosity that hasn’t really stopped since then.

Are there any languages you don’t like?
French. I understand that people have a love-affair with this language, but to me, it just sounds awful. You never know though, that might change!

What do you do besides studying languages?
I work as an administration officer. I’m currently studying at Deakin University and finishing up a Bookkeeping course there. Next year I plan to study at University New England. Since 90% of all long term visas require a university degree in order to stay long term, I am hoping to get a degree as quickly as possible to eventually move to Japan.

What about hobbies?
I play Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. My favourite games are Tomb Raider, Drakes & Call of Duty. I play piano, volunteer at my local church and do the odd jigsaw puzzle.


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